How to Start a Blog Using WordPress?

1. The first step in starting a blog is knowing about what are you going to write!

This is important because you will spend many hours doing it and it has to be something that you enjoy, otherwise you will often be tempted to give up.

2. The second step is to buy a domain.

So after you know what about you are going to write, you will need to buy a domain. I am using but there are many websites from where you can buy an internet domain.
When you buy a domain you have to choose a good name, not something to long or hard to remember. It is very important to have a good domain name.
Also try to avoid .info, I recommend you to go with .com if the desired name is available.
If you have trouble in finding a good domain name, there are websites that can help you out like:

P.S. I’ve currently received by e-mail a very nice and detailed guide about domain names, the structure of a domain name, extensions, tips in how to choose the name of your website etc. You can check it out here on This guide is very nice for every level of knowledge about internet domains that you have.

3. The third step is to get hosting.

Now you have the domain name and you will need a hosting. I strongly recommend you to not use the hosting from where you bought the domain name.
One of the best hosting services are provided by Hostgator or BlueHost.
I’ve tried many hosting services in the past years and till now I’ve come to the conclusion that they are one of the best. If you have problems in choosing a hosting plan or any other technical question you can call or use live chat with an operator which will help you out with purchasing and even install the WordPress platform for you.

4. The fourth step is to change the DNS of your domain.

When you have the the host you will need to change the DNS (Domain Name Server) of your purchased domain (so the domain name to be connected to your hosting server). The changing of the DNS might take up to 48 hours to be done, but it usually takes less.

5. The fifth step is to install WordPress.

When the DNS is working is time to install WordPress on your site. Login into Cpanel of your host and look for the WordPress logo (it looks like in the image below). Click it and follow the installation steps.

As I said before, if you encounter any problems during the installation process you can contact the technical support of your hosting service and they will get you through.
After finishing the installation of WordPress, you will be able to login at ““.

6. The sixth big step is to choose a template for your blog.

It is time to dress-up your blog. WordPress has 3 themes by default (which are pretty bad) but I recommend you to buy a premium theme (after seeing the demo and everything) and to work with it – Google “premium WordPress themes” and you will find hundreds. Choosing a theme might take a while so my advice is not to waste the time that you can use to create content.
Make a logo for your blog as this is going to add an identity to it.
Also play a little with plugins and widgets in order to put everything in place.

7. The last and the most important step is to START WRITING!

Boom! Now you are ready to blog like a pro!

If something is unclear and/or you have any questions regarding buying domain, hosting plans, installing wordpress and stuff don’t hesitate to contact us by comments and/or using the contact section of the website.

Good luck!

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