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38 thoughts on “HOW TO DOWNLOAD

  1. What is the most recommended for a pc with the following specifications:
    Intel Celeron D 2.0 GHz 32bit
    Memory DDR 500Mb
    Thank you very much Leo.

  2. Hi
    Have tried to download the Mini Windows 98 but no success.
    Is the site down at the moment?
    Please advise

  3. The HugeFiles download brings me to a website which when I click download, it downloads a 5.4MB tar archive which Google Chrome flips out about. The Direct link doesn’t do anything, it just sits their with nothing on the page :(

    This version of XP looks SO amazing, it would be awesome if you could fix it. And I did by the way watch the video :(


  4. i want a method how to make usb drive bootable to install more than one window in one pen drive .
    eg:-window xp ,7,8.1 -usb pendrive

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